Que Chevre! Adding Latinx Voices to Your Classroom

After the protests of the summer, one common theme emerged. Not every voice is represented in society and our classrooms. We need more diverse voices in classrooms across the US, especially Latinx resources.

This is especially difficult to implement during pandemic teaching. Carlos and I have been virtual since March 2020. We started our 31st year teaching English from our dining room.

Our school adds F2F teaching simultaneously with remote learning in early November, so we will join many of you navigating this challenge and the new reality. It is easy to fall back on what we know in the digital world, and diverse voices might get left by the wayside. Even if you are reaching into the file cabinet (or the folder on your desktop) to implement those tried and true materials, consider updating your lessons with Latinx voices.

We have more than 550 resources in our store– our legacy and profitable hobby. However, our teacher friends probably don’t know that our life’s passion is equity and anti-racist teaching.

More than one-third of our sources are now categorized under the *Diverse Voices tab in our store. We are particularly proud of the Latinx resources we use in our classrooms each day and have formatted just for you.

Here is the direct link to our Latinx Resources if you are looking to add a little sabor to your teaching. As we end Hispanic Heritage month and celebrate autumn’s changing leaves, the fall colors represent our family’s colorful Latino roots.

If you are looking for some Latinx resources, our Mary Anne Lane put together some terrific sources for Hispanic Heritage Month. You can find the article here. Inside LatinWorks: America by the Numbers looks interesting. This resource includes a video and a lesson plan. If you are using Google Classroom, there is an uploadable link.

We hope you find something special. Que chevre!

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